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Ayiti + Jazz | Andres G

a collection of images I’ve captured over the past 3 years (and counting) documenting my home and the re-budding of the local jazz scene.

please leave credit/sources intact.

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I was on the metro going downtown and I met this lady, I didn’t get her name, but she had the most beautiful soul ive ever felt. you can always make someone’s day by simply saying ‘hello’ and asking how’s their day is going. she smiled the whole ride. it kills me how ignorant some people are, and make fun of the homeless. you never know ones situation, and what they’ve been through, which lead them to how they are now.. some man was being so rude, ‘trying’ to be funny, but in all reality he sounded so uneducated and looked like a fucking idiot. I looked over at her and gave a her look.. she shook her head and smiled :-) .. I’m so blessed and thankful, I almost cried while i was on my way home. I love my parents. I love my mom, I’m so glad to have her in my life. she’s so supportive, strong, intelligent, .. Overall an amazing best friend. Thank your parents/any loved ones. Because your blessed. ❤️ ~

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